Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And IT Begins!

I've been a bit busy lately as I have prepared for the gallery showing my art is in. So, I haven't been around here much :)

I am, however, excited to say that as of yet, my art has not been voted out. This is a juried show with rounds, so each round I make it through feels great.

Anyway, will post more later as I know more. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Fortune Teller by Lizzie Bradyen


Original is 9x12

Set in a wood frame and matted

Medium: Acrylic

This painting uses a method that incorporates decoupage and collage in a unique manner in order to build wonderful texture.

Everyone wants to know the future. And, some say there are those who can tell us. The problem is: should we know what will happen? Would we change the course and therefore miss out on something important if we knew another unpleasant event awaited us around the corner?

Enjoy the magic of the Fortune Teller,


Friday, January 14, 2011

Under the Rainbow Sea

Under the Sea by Lizzie Brayden

 16 x 20 on canvas
Medium (mixed) Acrylic, charcoal, pastel, water color, and graphite pencil

This is a more whimsical creation of art. It holds a child's imagination in its heart. I did this one as an example of a child's illustration and can feel the story behind her. She's playing a game, as all children do no matter where they live. Hide and Seek is her favorite. Hidden in the tall sea weed, she contemplates whether or not she'll win the game. Has she hidden herself well enough? Will she be the first or the last found? These questions of childhood result in the quick decisions she'll one day make as an adult. She is a glimpse of the mermaid she'll become.



Do You Remember These???

 Do You Remember These??? by Lizzie Brayden


Original Acrylic, charcoal, and Pastel on stretched canvas 16 x 20
This is an original, not a print.
If a print is desired, prints may be purchased at:

Lizzie Brayden at RedBubble

We said it would never happen to us. We ridiculed our parents because it happened to them. But, we were a new generation, a smarter generation, and we would not fall victim to the same old things. 

That was then...And now it has happened. 
When we were growing up, eight tracks were beginning to reach their end. The newest invention was the vinyl record. We saved our pennies, collected bottles, and worked hard to collect vast amounts of these musical wonders, knowing nothing better could ever come along. 

We are parents now. Our children get their music from sources we couldn't even imagine in our teen years. There are CD's, digital files, and file sharing. The record has become another dinosaur of popular culture to which only our generation is still attached. Our children mock us as we once made fun of our own when we speak of the days of 45's and 78's. 

Where's the free love in that? Well, don't worry too much. Just as we thought nothing could improve the record, the next generation believes that about the icons of their age. One day, we will be the ones laughing as our children join us in the ranks of the old....although I prefer to call it the properly matured. 



The Real Face of Beauty

The Vision of a Real Woman by Lizzie Brayden
Copyright 2011 by Lizzie Brayden


Original Acrylic and Pastel on stretched canvas 16 x 20
This is an original, not a print.
If a print is desired, prints may be purchased at:

Lizzie Brayden at RedBubble

Supermodels are beautiful. On that, I am sure we can agree. However, the super slim, super sexy woman is not the average woman. And, the average woman holds several advantages over her magazine counterpart. 

Advantages of the Real Woman:

  1. She is real. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend and so much more.
  2. She laughs at herself and knows her strength comes from within. She needs no outside validation. She is woman...hear her roar.
  3. She loves with all her heart, feels with every breath, and lives without regrets because she really lives.
  4. Most importantly, she accepts herself for who and what she is. It does not matter she has flaws for that is what makes her so interesting in the first place. 
  5. She is a reflection of me, the way I live, the way I laugh. 

So, if you're still convinced that supermodel is the way to go, enjoy. But, if your like me, extreme dieting isn't a major concern. My concern are the lives I touch around me, the legacy I leave with what talents I have been given, those that my love changes for the better...not whether or not I can still get into a size 4 dress....and trust me, that is never happening. :)


Welcome to the World that is Me

Hi there! No, you aren't lost. Yes, this place is new. Of course you're not imposing!! I welcome you with open arms and an open heart, for this is my world, a place that is unique to me. A place I want to share with you.

What was that? Just where are you? Oh, don't worry, dear visitor. You haven't landed in a different galaxy or even traveled beyond the comfort of life as we know it. This place is the world of an artist, a painter, a writer, a creator of beauty from within the soul. Here, you can read what thoughts are roaming through my head, peruse my art and other creations, and purchase your very own original art or prints if you like. You can donate to help me out as I endeavor to take to heart the advice of the greats: follow your heart, see through open eyes, and shower the world with all you have learned.

I do hope you find my corner of the blogging community comfy. I look forward to your visits. They brighten my day. Just watch for posts and works of art in many forms to show up. Each one will have a price and a button to buy along with the story of their origin.

Don't see something you like? No problem. I am always happy to create something special just for you. All you have to do is let me know :)

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